Saturday, May 2, 2009

17 Months and Counting.. And trying our first video :)

Yesterday Caleb turned 17 months old! Wow! This last month we have seen so many changes in him! Of course, he is learning new things with each day, identifying new objects and beginning to say new words. He is really starting to just babble and babble- I love to hear him! Sometimes he talks so fast and uses his arms and hands to express himself that he looks like he is casting some sort of spell :) He is also learning to climb up and down steps and we really think he is fearless sometimes...he has had a few bumps and bruises due to his adventurous spirit. He is becoming so much more independent now also- he loves to try to do the things that mommy and daddy do and gets a little upset if you interrupt him:) He also likes to play by himself some of the time and even feels secure enough to do this in a separate room from us when he wants. He is a wonderful helper, and likes to help me do the laundry, vacuum, and is very willing to clean up his messes- he is a great little guy!

We also are starting to see a few signs of the "terrible two's"- (which by the way do begin before the 2nd birthday, according to most child experts...and I would agree :) It's not really bad yet, I think we have had only a few occasions where an all-out, lying in the floor tantrum has occurred. He definitely understands the meaning of the word "no", and is also beginning to understand that there are consequences to his actions. So, the fun is just beginning in that area :) I wouldn't trade it for the world!

In the video I posted below, Caleb is engaging in one of his new favorite activities- feeding our dog Pooh his dog food. Caleb loves Pooh! They are going to be best buddies, I know it! The first time I saw him doing this, I thought it was just the cutest. I never thought if might get out of hand and end up with Caleb wildly flinging Pooh's food all over the place :) We are working on that :) The video is kind of a before and after- you'll see...I had to stop midway for some instruction :) He caught on pretty well and at the end ..well, you'll see:)

Happy 17 Months Caleb! We love you so much!!!


kangaj1 said...

super cute!!! We cracked up so much at the end! Can't wait to meet Caleb and see you both in a few weeks. :) Iona has been pointing to Caleb's photo a bunch!

Ray and Lisa said...

He is so cute. I like how he starting doing it the right way after some instruction from you. You're a good momma!