Monday, December 28, 2009

A Very Special Christmas...

We are so very thankful for the gift of God's son, and for the gift our special son, Caleb.
God's Gift
Little baby on the hay
Soon there will be another day
When nails shall pierce your hands and feet
As you provide our sin's defeat
Risen Jesus on the throne
We lift our praise to you alone
For you're the gift that we receive
The moment that our hearts believe
-Roy Lessin

Monday, December 21, 2009

Our First Meeting....

One year ago today Zack and I were riding in a van down a bumpy road with a racing heart and sweaty palms.....we were on our way to meet our son! I can't quite express the thoughts and feelings that were going through our hearts and minds during that time, but I can tell you it is a moment we will never forget. When we pulled through the gate and saw the transition home, I thought my heart would explode! We had decided that the families would go in alphabetical order by last name- that meant we were number two in line! When our time came we stood anxiously looking at a door, knowing that the moment we saw our son carried through that door our lives would be changed forever. I still remember his little face. He had just woken from a nap and the sun was so bright that he squinted his little eyes. I remember it all like it was yesterday. That day is still so clear and vivid in my mind. And now it has been a year.

He still squints his eyes when he awakes from his nap- I love that! But so much has changed for him and for us. We have seen him blossom from a scared and unsure baby to a vibrant and lively little man! We have seen Caleb thrive this past year. It has been amazing to watch him grow, learn, love, and live. When we think about where he started as a tiny 5 month old baby found all alone, and how far he has come, it makes us so grateful. We could not imagine our lives without Caleb......

Caleb is not the only one who has undergone change- I have to smile when I think of those first few days and nights in Ethiopia with Caleb. We really had no idea what we were doing. There is actually one picture where I am changing Caleb's diaper and he has diaper rash creme all over his arm...I had no clue how to be a mom- but I learned :) And Zack learned. It was a trial by fire, but we learned, grew, and are better people for it. Of course, we have tons more to learn, but I when I see how far we have also come, I am so thankful.

Perhaps what is the most amazing aspect of all of this is that God took three people, all very different, all very much in need of love, all with very much love to give. We lived thousands of miles apart, and would come together through a series of events coming together at just the right moment, at just the right time. God worked through all these things and and made these three people into a family. What also is amazing is that he would allow Zack and I the opportunity to experience this most amazing journey of adoption and then give us the most amazing child in the world :) What is amazing is that he not only does this for us here on this earth, but also for eternity, by adopting us into his heavenly family through his Son, Jesus. It is simply amazing.

So, we celebrate this special day, and also celebrate all that God has done for us and continues to do for us. He is simply amazing.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Birthday Pictures.....

Finally, I can upload some pictures from Caleb's birthday . Caleb had such a wonderful time at his party. Many of his church friends were there and they had a great time playing. My favorite part was when we all sang Happy Birthday to him. He had the sweetest look on his face....almost like he couldn't believe everyone was singing to him. I was proud of how well he let all the other children help him open his gifts and even play with his new toys. He is a sweet boy. We are blessed!

Caleb is also loving the Christmas season. He loves all the decorations, lights and Santa Clause. He also loves the Christmas parties! I think he has been to at least 3 already :) We try to talk with him each day about the true meaning of Christmas. Because he just had a birthday, he still thinks that Christmas has something to do with his birthday, but today when I asked him whose birthday we celebrate on Christmas, he said "Jesus!" So, I think he is getting it.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Caleb Meets Santa and Celebrates His 2nd Birthday!!!

This past weekend was a busy one for the Caldwell family! Caleb met Santa for the first time, and celebrated his 2nd birthday with family and friends. Unfortunately I am having technical problems so I can't upload the birthday pics... so I will wait until I can upload those to tell you about his birthday- he had an awesome time!
So, back to meeting Santa....Caleb understands who Santa is and what he does, and he was very excited to meet him. When he first saw him at a distance, Caleb was so excited! He looked up at me and smiled as if to say, "Wow- that's Santa!". Then, the closer we got and the more Caleb realized that the point was for him to sit in Santa's lap, the more panic stricken and fearful Caleb became :). All of a sudden, he wanted nothing to do with Santa! Wouldn't even go near him! So we let Santa take a little break and Caleb and I sat in the big chair (this was in hopes that Santa could sneak up behind us and at least be in the picture). As you can see from the pictures , this worked, until Caleb realized Santa was back there....then you can also see what happened :)

Eventually Caleb did calm down long enough to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas, and Santa even got a little smile out of Caleb. It was a memorable first meeting :) Don't worry, Caleb also knows the true meaning of Christmas and about Baby Jesus. He met him too- at our manger scene at church :)