Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Urgent Need in Ethiopia....Can You Help?

While Zack and I were still in the adoption process, we were made aware of an urgent need for formula in the orphanages in Ethiopia due to the ever worsening and complex economic issues in Ethiopia. Thankfully, many people joined together to raise a huge amount of money for the transitional home and many other families took large donations of formula when they traveled to Ethiopia. This sustained the shortage for a short time, but there continues to be an urgent need. I know it is difficult for us here in America to understand the reality and urgency of this need, but I have seen with my own eyes the effects of malnourishment. Some of the children we held in Ethiopia were fighting for their lives. Thankfully many of these children will eventually be placed in forever homes, but while they are waiting, nutritious formula is their lifeline!

Malnutrition is real and it is heartbreaking, and it is something that we must work to eliminate! I have never shared this photo with anyone other than our closest family, but I felt led to share it just to show the difference that proper nutrition can make. We don't believe that Caleb was malnourished to the extreme that many of the babies are, but it is obvious from this photo that he was far from healthy. This photo was taken as soon as he was brought into the orphange after being found abandoned.

Of course, you know what Caleb looks like now :)

That is why I have added this link: http://tomdavis.typepad.com/tom_daviss_blog/formula-drive-blog-buttons.html. This is a link to the blog of Tom Davis, author of many books including "Fields of the Fatherless", which I have personally read. He is an amazing advocate for orphans and is doing all he can to work on their behalf. Please look at it. If you can help at all, even just by donating a few dollars, please do! It is easy- just click on the button on the right side of the blog-the button that says "Urgent Need". You could literally be saving the lives of many children! Thank You!

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Thanks so much for this story. I've re-posted it over on my blog too. Thanks! http://tomdavis.typepad.com/tom_daviss_blog/caleb-before-after.html