Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Amazing Story of the Semlow Family and a Difficult Time for Ethiopian Adoptions

The Semlow Family has got to have one of the most amazing, trying, and unbelievable adoption journey of any that I have heard. This precious family is adopting a sibling group of 3 (amazing enough!) and were originally in our second court date group (December 2, 2008). Due to circumstances that you could only imagine in your worst nightmares, they are just now in Ethiopia picking up their children! That tells you part of their story! The faith, courage, and commitment this family has shown the last 5 months despite their heart wrenching wait has been so inspiring, challenging, and refreshing! I implore you to read their latest blog post and see that even now as they are with their children, they are still depending on God's strength and faithfulness as they encounter trials and tribulations. Visit their blog by clicking will be glad you did!

Second, it seems like a dark cloud has settled on Ethiopian adoptions, at least for some. A few days ago, MOWA (Ministry of Women's Affairs) issued a decision that will indefinitely freeze adoptions of abandoned children only- not children who have been relinquished. Why? It seems that so many children are being abandoned that MOWA feels they are unable to adequately investigate the circumstances of the abandonment in such a way that would determine if the child is a true orphan (this is my best understanding). Because of this, they are refusing to write the needed letters of recommendation for these children, which will result in the families not passing through court. Some parents with AWAA found this information out literally the day before they were supposed to have their court hearings. I can only imagine their disappointment and sorrow. There is no time table as to when this decision will be repealed, so these families are left with only God to cling to during this time of indefinite waiting. Our prayers are with them and their children.

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