Thursday, May 7, 2009

Five Years and Still Going Strong....Happy Anniversary Zack!

Today Zack and I have been married for five years!!The above pictures were all taken over five years ago, before Zack and I were married...during our crazy college days....we sure do look a little crazy in some of those pictures. Oh the memories! I can't believe how much older we look just five years??!!!

Anyway, back to the serious stuff :) I have been reflecting a lot lately on just how much my husband has meant to me over these last five years. He has always provided me with love, laughter, and wonderful companionship, but these last four months he has been so strong, gracious and loving. Probably because he knew how much his wife needed him as she adjusted to a totally new role- being a mother. The thing is, he was adjusting to a new role as well- actually new roles-being a father and starting a new job. But he never complained, seemed overwhelmed or had an emotional breakdown :) He has been so selfless. He was my rock, along with Christ. And what a wonderful father he is! Caleb loves him so much and he loves Caleb so much as well. He often says of Caleb, "I can't believe he is my son- he is amazing!"

Just a couple days of ago, I was talking to Zack, discussing with him the challenges of motherhood. I think that day I felt like I was lacking in the mommy department :) He stopped me as I was walking away and said, "Rebecca, I will never quit loving you." At that moment I knew I had the capacity for losing it, but I tried to hold it together, just as I am trying to do right now :) My heart melted when said that....How blessed am I?

Never in my wildest dreams, even as I stood before friends and family 5 years ago could I have imagined loving this man as much as I do. Nor could I have imagined being loved so deeply by him. I am overwhelmed with gratitude at how God orchestrated our relationship, and I pray that he continues to lead us and guide us- I know he will. Thank you Zack for all your love. I love you.

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Amber said...

What a sweet post and I love seeing all the photos. You guys are so darn cute!