Monday, April 27, 2009

Home for Four Months.....And Meeting Steven Curtis Chapman!

Let me explain this picture ....this is Pooh's position at every meal- he stares at the floor directly under Caleb's high chair, just waiting for the tiniest crumb to drop :) He hardly even looks up any more!

Caleb's first mowing experience with Pap....

As you can see, it was quite exhausting :)

Fun in the tub!
Our Family after 4 Months Home!!
Last night Zack and I had the amazing privilege of volunteering for Show Hope (a ministry of Shaohannah's Hope, founded by the Chapman family) at the United Tour featuring Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith. Show Hope is a sponsorship program that funds an amazing special needs medical facility for orphans in China and helps to give financial assistance to families in the adoption process. Zack and I were very grateful recipients of a grant for our adoption, so we felt it was the least we could do to volunteer for this amazing organization. And what a blessing it was! We met so many other families who had adopted and got to hear their stories. At our booth alone (I think there were 4 other booths), around 75 people agreed to sponsor adoption! Praise the Lord!
It was also such a blessing to hear Steven Curtis Chapman and special guest Geoff Moore speak about how adoption has touched their lives. I found myself in tears many times throughout the night. I was reminded, once again, of our own calling to adopt and overwhelmed by the blessings God has given us and continues to gives us through adoption.
At the end of the night, we were led down onto the floor of the arena and through a back hallway. There stood Steven Curtis Chapman! I could not believe it!!! We stood in line to meet him and a thousand thoughts ran through my mind! Mainly thoughts of gratitude for what he and his family have done to promote adoption and how they have helped so many families bring home their children. Truly, their story had a great influence on Zack and I and our decision to adopt. As it was our turn to meet him, I got choked up and could barely even tell him "thank you" for what he had done for our family and for adoption in general. I finally gained my composure enough to show him a picture of Caleb (he loved the name, as he has a son named Caleb too :), and to properly thank him. Zack also thanked him and spoke about the amazing impact his family has had on adoption. Just think- because of one persons obedience to God's call (their daughter Emily who relentlessly spoke to Steven Curtis and Mary Beth about adoption), thousands of lives have been changed!

It was most definitely a night to remember!


blessedmomto7 said...

SCC is the bomb-wow, what a blessing!

erinjay said...

Hi- have some questions about your adoption and AWAA- Please email me @

Steve and Anna said...

these pics are beautiful! I am so glad to see all of you and that you were able to go see SCC and meet him!

Warren Baldwin said...

Neat story. I linked here from Trey Morgan's blog.