Sunday, April 5, 2009

Prayers for Micah Richardson

Tonight we need to lift up little Micah and his mommy Julia and Roscoe. They just brought little Micah home from Ethiopia and immediately he had to be admitted to the children's hospital. He is one sick little boy. They realized how ill he was about midway through their trip to Ethiopia. Thankfully they were able to return home as scheduled so that Micah could get the proper medical care he needed.

I came to know Julia through our Ethiopia Yahoo group, and we quickly discovered we had a lot in common! Both of our sons shared the same Ethiopian name, our birth dates are the same, and we also share many of the same health/nutritional is too weird, really!

I truly can not imagine what this family must be going through- they are brand new parents, have just traveled half way around the world and spent many, many hours on a plane (which equals serious exhaustion, trust me, I have been there!) and they have a very sick little boy.....they need our prayers! You can visit their blog by clicking here.


Kari:) said...

Rebecca, Thank you for sharing the prayer request for the Richardsons...for some reason this new post did not refresh on my blog? We will pray fervently!!
Micah is soooooo beautiful:)) Love all the new pics! Happy 16 months sweet boy!!

Amber said...

I will check out their blog and definitely pray!