Saturday, December 27, 2008

What a Crazy Day!

From Zack:
ike ans
I beliebe this is my thrid official post to the blog in three years.  Rebecca takes quality control seriously!  Well, Rebecca and I are separated.  It's a very long story, but the short of it is, she is with Caleb in the comfy part of the airport and I am stuck with the bags outside.  In order to take advantage of the generous donation of Airline miles by Mike and Sherry Smith, we had to book two separate flights.  One from the US to Dubai and another from Dubai to Ethiopia.  This forces us to claim our checked baggage, exit the airport and then check in again.  This was no problem on the way to Ethiopia, before we had Caleb, because we are US citizens and we do not need a visa to visit Dubai.  So we together we claimed our baggage exited the airport and checked them again for the second leg of the trip.  However on the return trip we could not all exit together, because Caleb is not yet a US citizen (he will be after his re-adoption in the US).  Dubai requires a visa for Ethiopians except for transit passengers.  Because we have two separate flights we are not transit passengers in Dubai.  They told us one of us would have to claim our baggage, exit the aiport and then check them again for second leg, while the other stayed with Caleb in the comfy airport.  No big deal right?  I would get the bags and reunite with Rebecca and Caleb in only a few minutes...right?  Well, not exactly.  We have a layover of about 8 hours in Dubai, and the check-in gate doesn't open until 5 hour before the flight.  That's right, 5 hours apart and I have all the bags except for the baby bag.  No knowing we'd be apart for that long, I didn't think to leave Rebecca some money for food or duty free shopping or whatever, and she didn't eat much all day.  I hope she likes enfamil.  Just kidding sweetie.  I begged, and pleaded with customer service, the security officers and I tried to call Delta.  Their office didn't answer.  I located their office here in the Dubai airport and there was a sign on the door saying their office hours were from 1:00 to 17:00 daily.  I had just missed them.  So we're stuck and we can't communicate for another 3 and a half hours and Rebecca has Caleb but no money for anything.  I'm going to keep trying to check in early, and I'm not eating anything until we're back together.  Rebecca, I hope you have found a way to check your email.  Send me a message.  I love you and I love Caleb. 
More to come soon!
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