Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Testing, Testing....

Okay, so if this cmes through on the blog, I have figured out how to post via email.....which is what we must do while in Ethiopia!!!
The other families in our travel group are: Burk, Stager, Witter and Sloninger. Their blogs can be found with the other families in the links to the right....beside each families name it should say "traveling buddies"!!
We are leaving tomorrow afternoon, and should arrive in Dubai Friday evening....which will really be Friday morning/afternoon here in the US. Hopefully I can post when we arrive in Dubai!!
Please pray for safe travels and for smooth transitions between airports....see you in Ethiopia!!

Referral Received 7/29/08!!
Traveling to Ethiopia December 18-28


Karen said...

we're praying for you guys! have such a merry Christmas with your son!! many blessings & safe travels to you guys!

Jori said...

So very excited for you both!! It does my heart good to know you are on your way to Caleb ~ He needs his mommie!! :):) Can't wait to "see" photo's of you all together :):):)
love, jori

Kari:) said...

Praying for you!!!!! We will stalk for pics & updates on Mr. Happy!!
Merry Christmas....your best Christmas ever!!!
lots of love

Danielle said...

I'm so jealous Karen got to see you off! I'm stalking like crazy! You guys are going to make such great parents!!!!! I'm so excited for you and Caleb!!!!

Talk to you on the flip side,