Friday, December 19, 2008

We are in Dubai!

We made it to Dubai! Our flight was very uneventful, though very long! The food was very yummy :)
We did have a little scare in Atlanta, however. We were getting ready to board our flight to Dubai, and Zack couldn't find his passport! The last time he knew he had it was in the airport in Lexington! We searched frantically, but could not find it! Thankfully, we made color copies of our passports. He took this to the staff person, and they located his passport....somehow it had fallen out between exiting the airplane and walking to our gate. The only problem was it was about a half mile away (Atlanta is a huge airport)! The airport staff said he would really have to hurry to make the flight! I started praying!
I waited behind with our luggage. They made the final boarding call, and I didn't know what to do....Zack still wasn't back! I went ahead and checked in, and waiting nervously behind the gate....finally, Zack appeared! I was so thankful! I didn't want to make the trip without him!
We have quite a long layover here in Dubai...we don't leave until 4:30 am and it is almost 8pm here. Thankfully they have rooms here in the airport that you can rent by the hour. So, we are going to take a little nap, a shower, etc. The airport is very modern and Americanized, though we are definitely the minority here. It has already been a very cool experience!
Next stop....Ethiopia!

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Pete Juvinall said...

Good afternoon from the other side of the world! :)

Get some good rest dear friends! We love you and are praying for continued safe travels!!

Dad and Mom Toney said...

Thank you for your detailed blog! It's so easy to picture your journey through your words. We are praying for the three of you + the other families. We would love to be a couple of flies on the wall when you see Caleb for the first time! We love you and want you to enjoy this trip of a lifetime! Stay safe.