Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thoughts From Rebecca on the week.....And a Few Pictures :)

First of all, we have been reunited in the Dubai airport!! Praise the Lord! But, Zack's ear is hurting dreadfully, and we think he may have even ruptured his ear drum…Caleb is so tired….I am dirty, with formula, baby food, pee and probably poop on me somewhere…….it will be a long trip back to the USA…we haven't even boarded the plane yet….please pray! I would just love to be able to snap my fingers and be home!


Anyway, as you have probably noticed, we have been missing in action the last few days as the internet connection in Ethiopia was so very slow that you could barely check an email! So, posting to the blog was just not possible! I am so sorry, as I desperately wanted to be able to document each day of our journey…and what a journey it was! So, this is what I started typing last night…….and finished here in the airport in Dubai…..

All the other families have just left for the airport- I can't believe it is already time to leave. We will be leaving soon….tomorrow morning. I felt led to come and type my feelings as the families left, as it seems that they have all finally came to the surface.


This has truly been the trip of a lifetime in so many ways. Of course, the main way our lives have been changed by this trip is that we now have a son! More on this later! Other ways….we have seen how people live thousands of miles away and learned to appreciate other cultures, as well as our own. The Ethiopian culture is different from ours in so many ways, but the kindness and hospitable nature of the Ethiopian people can reach through cultural boundaries and touch your heart! We saw this especially through the nannies that took care of our children, through our wonderful -I seriously can not say enough about - guide, Robel, who took such good care of us and without whom our trip would have been so much more difficult….we love you Robel!! I could go on and on, our housekeeper, the room service staff, the doorman….they were all wonderful and will be missed. In a time when politeness and consideration is often lost in the business and hustle and bustle of life, the Ethiopian people were a breath of fresh air, and we could all learn from their way of life. We had a wonderful time getting to know them and their country and we hope to visit again…….


A more difficult lesson came in the extreme poverty which can be encountered at any moment, with a glance in any direction in the city. I honestly don't think I have been able to process seeing people laying in the streets and sidewalks, children knocking on the car windows anytime the car came to a stop, begging for whatever they can get, houses (if you can call them that) made of mud and old rusty pieces of tin as far as the eye can see, roads hardly fit for driving… is truly something that can not be fathomed, as

I find myself saying, how can I help Lord, how can I help? It is so overwhelming! I think he is telling me, don't forget this, don't forget how some people live. Take this back with you, and make a difference. Yet despite this poverty, hope and faith remains in this beautiful country. The country is beautiful and the Lord's handiwork is evident in it. The mountains are outstanding!


The families we met this week have made such an imprint on our hearts as well! They are each so precious and we loved spending this week with them. They ministered to us each in a unique way and we could not have imagined spending this special time with any more wonderful families. As I mentioned above, seeing them leave this evening helped to bring the week and everything we experienced to the forefront. I truly had to hold back my tears as they drove away from the hotel because I know I would just lose it! We miss them already.


Finally…..MEETING OUR SON!!! Obviously words can not describe this meeting or the days that followed. It was unlike anything we have ever experienced, both wonderful and trying. Wonderful in that God has blessed us with such a beautiful, fun, smart, funny (he will crack you up!!) loving and amazing little boy, all through the miracle of adoption. Trying in that we have never been parents, and suddenly we are parents of a one year old little boy who is deeply grieving his home, his nannies and friends, all in the midst of  being in a county that is not familiar to us in so many ways.  There were times when all three of us were crying. Thankfully,  Lord sustained us, gave us grace and mercy, and therefore we were able to give Caleb the same. It has been amazing to see how he has changed in just the last few days – he is a true blessing!! We are getting to know him more and more and he is doing the same with us…it is so much fun!!!! We are so thankful, and can't to get him home and into a normal routine. I have attached just a few pictures of the first day we met Caleb….of course, as soon as I am able, I will post lots more…….


We should be home in Kentucky in about 20 hours….wow…that seems like a long time!! See you in the USA!!


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Danielle said...

Oh Rebecca and Zack! I'm so thankful you were finally able to post. I figured the internet was down, but I did miss hearing your accounts. Thanks for taking the time here. I love the pictures. I love the reflections. I just prayed for a safe and peaceful return to Kentucky. I'm so sorry you guys got separated! Ah! Thank you, God, for Caleb and Zack and Rebecca, and the miracle of adoption!

Ray and Lisa said...

So excited to see an update and pictures! Your account of meeting Caleb brings back many memories and feelings from our first week with Jonas! Wonderful and trying! Well said. Getting to control your schedule and figure out Caleb's routines at home will help with the trying part a ton! So happy for you guys.

Pete Juvinall said...

Godspeed. We just prayed for you...that's a *long* trip.