Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Wow....this waiting is tough. Much more difficult than when we were waiting for our referral. But, knowing that it won't be as long as it has been is comforting, and getting updates helps too :) Thanks to our friend Kathleen Moles (KP) who just recently picked up her son in Ethiopia, today we received ten more pictures of Caleb!! He is growing and still as happy as ever :) And the tiniest bit of hair is starting to peek through. I wish I could post his cute face, but you know the rules....Hopefully just a couple more months :) Even more exciting news....this weekend we might have a video to watch of him!!!! I can' t imagine actually seeing him in motion! And maybe a chance to hear his sweet voice?? It's just too much!!

URGENT UPDATE: Please, please remember a precious family in our AWAA adoption group who recently received their referral. They were notified from Ethiopia that their child was very sick and tragically did not make it through the night. Please pray for the peace and healing that only our Lord Jesus can give in times like these.

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Jori said...

So happy for you to get more photos and maybe even see him moving! Great for you!! This time to shall pass - I just have to keep reminding myself often :):) Fall is going to be a wonderful blessing!!
love, jori