Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Love the Olympics!!!

I love the Olympics!!! It is such a cool thing to see people from so many different countries come together....if only life could always be that way....
This year the Olympics are even more special, as I feel like I have two countries to cheer for....America & Ethiopia!!!
I took these pictures of the Ethiopian Olympic team during the opening you can see, I wasn't there ( I was watching on tv :) but it was still so cool!
We all cheered, "Go Ethiopia!!!"
We kept waiting for them, as this year the countries weren't in alphabetical order (or any order that I could determine). Thankfully, they did give you a heads up as to what countries were coming up next, so I got in a few practice shots of Japan before ET came up :)


Jori said...

We are loving them this year too, had to watch them all come in. Did you see (know) that when the American team came in it was "a lost boy of Sudan" that carried in the USA flag? Him and his 3 brothers were adopted and brought here. What a story there.
Praying for court dates to still be happening and travel ASAP as well.
jori said...

You are so funny! Love it!!

The Stackler Clan said...

Hi Rebecca,
I was wondering if I could use your "reasons for adopting from Et" for our blog? It is really great and to the point.