Tuesday, August 5, 2008

More on the Disaster Zone (aka...our new house :)

More pics of our lovely home.....well, it will be lovely soon!!

I don' t think there are any rooms where the drywall did not have to be repaired....the bedrooms are no exception....they will also get new paint and carpet :)

This bathroom is in need of some help!
As one of my friends said...you could have a seizure in there :)


Kelly said...

It will all come together soon... renovations are all my husband and I know... this summer we have put in a bathroom in the basement, new floors in the baby's room, and painted our bedroom and the baby's room... we LOVE it!!! Have FUN!!!

Jori said...

making progress ~ and it is passing the time!!:):)

Dee said...

You guys are crazy!! But at least is seems you are having fun! :D
I just finished the Boys' room this week (decorating)....it came out so cute. I'll try to post pics on our blog soon. Did you get the album done and sent off to a family to bring to your adorable son?!
Take care!

Dee said...

The post above that says...
dee said... is me (Amy Lusse). Don't know why it posted like that! Weird!