Monday, August 11, 2008

Families in Ethiopia and Court Update

It's that time again!! Families are in Ethiopia picking up their children, and you can follow along on their journey! The Moles, Cox, Ducommun, and one mystery family are all in Ethiopia! The links to their blogs are to the right!

Also, we do have some news on the court issue. Our family coordinator has informed us that court dates will still be requested throughout the court closure period (the courts are now closed) This is great news not only for us, but for all the families who will receive referrals during this time. However, our agency no longer tells families the exact date of their court date, they only tell the family once they have passed successfully!! It is kind of like receiving a's a big surprise! Our family coordinator did tell us she anticipates our travel date to be in mid-late November, so we are guessing that our court date will be sometime in mid-late October. Though we were hoping to travel sooner, we are just grateful for a healthy and happy baby, and whenever we get to bring him home (prayerfully sooner than later :) will be a tremendous blessing!


Janet Whipple said...

Hey Rebecca, I've been out of town and didn't get to congratulate you on your referral!!! How exciting. I also missed the CC and hadn't heard yet that they can request court dates during the exciting!!! Will be praying for you all during this leg of the wait! Congrats!

Jennifer said...

WWWHHHOOOO!!! I cant wait to meet baby Caleb, hopefully at the Christmas party. Elizabeth can't wait to meet her new friend!

the Steiger's said...

I am so glad you are at piece with this. Your baby is in very good hand and you will be there to pick him us soon!!! Congratulations and I can not wait to see him in your arms.
love, Lenka