Friday, August 29, 2008

One Month Down!

Wow! It has been one month since the day that changed our lives forever! Let me tell you, I am amazed at how much you can love someone you have never met in one month! To celebrate, we are registering!!! Fun! Zack & I are heading up to Lexington later today and hitting Babies-r-Us wide open!

Did I mention that we are totally in love!!! Prayerfully, only a couple more months of waiting before we get to meet our precious son! I can't wait for you all to meet him too!!! So, when will we get to meet him????

Here is what we do know in terms of timing....

There is a group of around 7-8 families (I believe this is accurate) that already have court dates scheduled for October 8th, the first date the courts in Ethiopia reopen. If they pass court on this date (please be praying that they will!) they are scheduled to travel around October 24th. We will not know when our exact court date will be, but we can assume it will be shortly after this first group of families. Prayerfully, then, we should expect to travel sometime in November, most likely the mid to latter part. Please be praying for court for all families. I don't know if you remember what happened last year (families did not travel until the end of January!!!), but we do not want that to happen again, and most likely, it will not. Our agency has assured us that they have learned from last years experience and will do everything in their power to unite families with their children as quickly as possible.

Also, congrats to the Sloninger and Stager families who received their referrals yesterday! Whoo Hoo!!

Happy Labor Day everyone!!


Nikki & Matthew Savage said...

Rebecca, I think you were commenting on our blog (according to the time stamp) at the exact same time I was talking to Terra! How wierd!!

Jori said...

YAY! REGISTER A-WAY!!! What a fun way to spend the holiday week-end! We are almost 1 month down for closure and thus that means ONLY ! MONTH TO GO!! :):) Praying for miracle October!!!
love, jori

ethiHOPEia said...

I echo the YAY! for one month down! Here's hoping it goes by real fast!
Hope you had great fun registering!

Ray and Lisa said...

How funny! Ray and I just registered at BabiesRUs yesterday! So much fun!

Steve and Anna said...

YAY!!! one month down!
Isn't it heart to believe one day this wait will be over? Thanks for all the congrats and just want you to know you all are in our prayers also as we all wait!

Josa said...

Hi Rebecca - Congratulations on your referral! We're planning a get-together for all the Ethiopian adoptive families that we can find in KY. It's going to be Sat., Oct. 11 at 12:00 in Lexington. Email me at and I can give you the details. Hope you can come!
Josa Harl