Friday, February 29, 2008

Families in Ethiopia!

This weekend some families are going to be in Ethiopia picking up their children!! If you would like to follow their journey, here are the families who are there/on their way, with links to their blogs!!! If you have never seen any pics or videos of what the experience is like in Ethiopia, you need to check it out!

Here's the list:(you will probably have to copy and past each link, or check to the right side of our blog for the link!)

The Treadwells

The Harpolds

The Wegners they are in ET NOW!!!

The McIlraths they are in ET!

There are other families as well, but they either do not have a blog, or their blog is private! Enjoy!!!


Jennifer and Jody said...

Hi! We are new to your blog. Excited to follow your journey- along with ours!!

Amber said...

Hi, great to hear from you. It’s so fun to meet new friends that have been through the process.

We are with adoption avenues. Which agency did you use?