Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Our Exact Number in Line for A Boy...

Well, yesterday our YG started trying to figure out where everyone stood in terms of the "boy line". I had somewhat of an idea, but there are always a few "mystery" families that we are not sure about, so you never quite know. So, I just decided to ask Duni, our program director. Here is what she said:

Hi Rebecca,

You are # 22 for an infant boy.


Duni Zenaye
Africa Program Director

I was a little surprised by this number ( I thought it would be a little lower) but that is okay! At least now we know, and we can count down the numbers until we are #1, and celebrate with the families ahead of us as they receive their referrals!


Nikki & Matthew Savage said...

whoa...if you're 22, I don't want to think about what number we are!

shawn and tisha said...

Hopefully AWAA will begin working with more orphanages soon and you guys will be #1 before you know it! :)

Ray & Lisa said...

Hey guys! I was wondering what number we were. We've requested boy or girl, so does that put us in the boy line? I think I'll have to ask Duni!