Monday, March 3, 2008

Conference Call!

This Friday families with submitted dossiers will have the chance to participate in a conference call with the Africa program director. The purpose of this call is to answer any questions that waiting families may have. I will be sure to share any items of interest!

This past Friday, in the weekly update, time frames were given by dossier log in date. The time frames have not changed for us, which is good news. However, it could be possible that they may lengthen in the future. This is something that we will be sure to ask about in the conference call. Here is a copy of the weekly update:

America World Received 2 referrals for the last week of February. The DTE (Dossier Submitted to Ethiopia date) for referrals in February is as follows.
Sibling group under 5: May 11, 2007
Female infant: July 18, 2007
Male Infant: September 20, 2007
Based on the new referrals, the wait time for infant girls is 7-9 months, for infant boys 5-7 months and the wait time for sibling group under five is 9-12 months.


vinceandalisa said...

Hi Rebecca - thanks so much for visiting our blog!! Where is London? We have friends in Louisville we'd like to visit in the next couple of months...maybe you guys are on the way -- would love to meet you!!

Nikki & Matthew Savage said...

Yes, one month down feels great! I hope the rest of the time goes by just as quickly (but feel pretty confident that it's only going to get harder). I'll "hear" ya on the conference call Friday!

kristin said...

Wow...that is so neat you are officially waiting! I am sure it has to be tough!