Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Happy Homecoming!

Yesterday we celebrated the very happy homecoming of Erin, my sister-in-law. She has faithfully been serving as a foreign missionary in and around the Bangladesh area for the last two years. Monday, she came home!! This was so special, but what made it extra special is that yesterday was Zack's grandmother's birthday. They had kept Erin's homecoming a surprise for her birthday....and needless to say, she was shocked! I have included some photos and a short video (it is a little blurry,I took it with my camera) of the big surprise.

Just a quick note on Erin- she is such a precious woman! She has a servants heart that is just amazing. It inspires me! The living conditions she faced while in Bangladesh were very difficult, to say the least, yet she delighted in serving the people and her God. She is an example for us all. Thanks Erin! I am very blessed with wonderful in-laws! I love them all.

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