Thursday, March 6, 2008

Baby Consignment Sale!!

Oh my goodness!!! Today my mom and I went to a large baby consignment sale.....I know, I know, I am not suppossed to be doing any of this stuff until we get our referral, but I could not resist. I am weak.

We didn't get anything too major, just some puzzles, fun toys, and a few staple clothing items (a pair of jeans, khaki pants, a jacket or know...the basics).

I only spent a little over twenty dollars, so I think I did pretty well.

I have to admit, it gave me "baby fever". Could I just be put out for the next several months, until we get "the call"?

No, that is not a good idea. This time of waiting has also been a time of growth, and I want to experience that ...I guess. Just kidding. Of course I want to grow!

Anyway, the good news is, we have almost been waiting for our referral for two months now, which, if the time frame of 5-7 months that they gave us stays the same (we should find out more about this tomorrow during the conference call), then we only have 3-5 more months of waiting!!! Whoo Hoo!!


Amber said...

I'm a first timer to your blog and it sounds like we are in the same spot in the process. I will put you in my links so I can keep up with your blog. Good luck!

kristin said...

I got our little one some onesies at a consignment shot too! :) Isn't it fun!!