Thursday, March 26, 2009

What A Difference....3 Month Reflection

Wow- If you would have told me when we first arrived home almost three months ago that we could have come to have loved this boy so much, that he would have made such strides, that we couldn't have imagined our lives without him and that our lives would be this totally different, but in a good way....I might have not believed you :) It's just awesome!

I truly am amazed at how far we have all come. If you read my reflection after being home for one month, you might have gotten the sense that it was a tough time- and it was. The transition was especially hard for me. I wish someone would have told me (and in reality, I am sure they did) "Give it time!" For some people, all the feelings and instincts, etc. are instant....for others, like me, it took time, and that is okay (I know this now). Time....It truly makes such a difference! All the things that seemed so overwhelming and "big" when we arrived home seem so manageable and not such big deals now. That doesn't mean we don't ever have difficult times, but they seem like molehills now, instead of mountains :) Praise God!
So, what is Caleb up to? How has he changed? He is probably the happiest human being I have ever met. He just bursts out in laughter at random times. He lives to make others laugh! How does he do this? Well, he might roll his eyes back into his head (I am going to have to post a video of is hilarious!) or do his special dance move, or make his face shake all over, or he might try to sing opera. Oh, and my personal favorite, he loves to shake his head no and smile when I ask him to give me a kiss- it is so cute! But what I love more than that is when he just walks up to me so sweetly and surprises me with lots of kisses...oh, I love that! What a sweetie. Okay, so he isn't perfect.......but pretty close :) He is beginning to be much more independent and "trying", which means he likes to smile and laugh when he is told "no" and when he is told "no" he likes to throw a temper tantrum. He can get fussy anytime he wants to do something on his own that he really can't do yet. If we have to assist him to get the job done, he isn't too happy. Strong willed? yep :)

I have found myself reflecting at the 3 month mark on our time in Ethiopia. What an experience- truly, the experience of a lifetime. I can't explain the emotions that I feel now looking back at pictures of our time there, or even seeing pictures of other families time there. It just does something to moves me in way I can't explain, kind of like a part of me will forever be there. Know what I mean? And when I think that this precious child came to us from this beautiful place- it just overwhelms my heart. I don't know if this means we will adopt again or if we will ever go back or not, but I do know it means that Ethiopia will forever be in my heart in a very special way. I am excited to see what God has in mind for our family and Ethiopia. Who knows! God does :)

Well, I could go on and on, as any mom could, but most of you may not have even made it to this point....I know, you really just want the pictures :) And I don't know how to make them appear at the bottom instead of the top :) Lucky you! No, lucky us. No, blessed us. We are truly blessed.


blessedmomto7 said...

He looks like he is SO HAPPY! What a blessed family you have!

shawn and tisha said...

Glad to hear you're all doing so well! Your little guy is so cute! :)

Ray and Lisa said...

Happy 3 months home, Caldwell family! Being a mom is an amazing thing, huh? BTW, I think Caleb and Jonas would be good buddies. Sounds like they have similar personalities. :) said...

Hey - you can copy&paste in the html and put the pics at the bottom -- I figured it out by accident -- ha ha!!
Caleb is a doll!