Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Bowman's Passed (and so did I :)

Our sweet friends from Lexington, Chad & Karen Bowman, found out this morning that they passed court! Praise the Lord! Their sweet daughter Natalie is now officially theirs! We met the Bowman's toward the beginning of our adoption journey and have been friends ever since. Honestly, we thought we might travel together, as our dossiers were submitted to Ethiopia only a couple weeks apart. Unfortuntaley, that wasn't the case, but we did get to meet precious Natalie while we were in Ethiopia. To see a video of their beautiful new daughter, click here.

Also, I was very suprised today to find something in the mail from my graduate school. It was my test results for the comprehensive exam I took this past weekend....I passed! Praise the Lord! I am finally finished!

What does Caleb think about all this great news???

He is very excited, of course :)


Addison and Her Momma said...

Their video is precious! Natalie is so pretty!

Karen said...

Wahoo! Go Rebecca!! And thanks for the love, we love you guys too and have enjoyed this journey alongside you guys. I'm glad ours is finally almost done! :)

Roscoe and Julia Richardson said...

Congratulations!! Time to party :)
Caleb is just so cute! Love it!