Saturday, March 14, 2009

Swim & Snow In the Same Week?

This past week Caleb had his first experience in the pool and the snow....the pool was indoor, of course....Kentucky weather is crazy, but not that crazy :)

We thought he would love the pool, because he loves his bath time so very much. He splashes and splashes and loves the water. So, we got him all suited up, put on his baby life vest, but before we could actually get him in the water....catastrophe! He slipped on the wet tile and hit his head....there were lots of tears! Poor guy!!! First parent mistake, big time! We took of the life vest and I held him for a few minutes until he felt better. Then, we put the life vest back on and carried him over to the edge of the pool. The teenage daughter of the owner of the home was in the pool with the kids, so we helped Caleb get into the water with her. He seemed to like it at first, and let her move away from the edge and take him into the water. Everything was going great until we asked her to let go of him to see how he would do with his life vest. Catastrophe again!!! The life vest apparently was a little too big, and he went face down into the water! Oh no!! That ended the pool experience- needless to say, it was not a success. Better luck next time :)

So, then a few days later we got about three inches of snow overnight. This was the first snow since Caleb had been home that he was actually healthy enough to go out and play in it, so we weren't passing this chance up! We got him all bundled up- it reminded me of the scene from the movie A Christmas Story where the little brother is all bundled up for school, so much so that he can't move- Caleb wasn't bundled up that much, but from the way he was acting, you would have thought he couldn't move :) It was very cute- he just stood there with his arms out, like he was saying, "Help me!!". Anyway, we took him outside and at first, he was not very impressed with the snow. He wouldn't walk on it, and he really didn't even want to touch it. Then we got him on the sleigh and pulled him around, and he liked it a bit more. By the end of his snow experience, he was especially interested in eating the snow. So, all in all, the snow experience was much better than the pool!

At the end of last week, we discovered from some lab work that my Vitamin b12 levels were quite low- this, along with Lupus, was no doubt at the root of my fatigue issues. I was so thankful to find out this information! So, this past week, I have gotten an injection everyday, and I will continue to receive injections periodically for several months. I don't want to be overly hopeful, but I do feel better, praise the Lord! Today I completed (prayerfully) the last step to receiving my master degree- I took the comprehensive exam for my master program.That probably was weighing me down as well, and it feels great to get that over with! I will find out how I did in 2-3 weeks, but I think I did well enough to at least pass.....which at this point, is all I am concerned with! I really love being a student, but now that I am a mommy, there are more important things :)


Anonymous said...

congratulations Rebecca!!! And thanks for posting new pics...looks like so much fun!

blessedmomto7 said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Your little guys is TOO PRECIOUS! Congrats on the Masters-YAY YOU!

Karen said...

love these pictures! Congratulations on finishing school!!! what a great accomplishment!

Kari:) said...

Ohhhhh Mr. Happy really looks happy in the pool & snow. WOW...what a week. Love the new pics!!!
Zoie sends her kisses:)))