Sunday, March 1, 2009

Home 2 Months!

Saturday marked the two month anniversary of Caleb being home with us- it is beginning to feel like he has been with us forever! He is such a part of our family now, we can't imagine him not being with us. He is loved by everyone who knows him, and it is easy to understand why. He lights up the room as soon as he enters. I remeber when we had just received our referral, our program director, Duni, had emailed me about a paperwork issue. At the end of her email she added, "I have never met a baby that can capture your attention from across the room with just a smile." Now we know what she meant! He truly has a joyous spirit!

As most children do, he is learning so much with each day- it is truly amazing. New sounds, new movements, new games, each day is a new learning adventure. Never could we have hoped that he would be doing so well after only being home for two months. In some ways, he seems like such a different little boy than the tiny and scared child we met in Ethiopia. God has removed the fear in his eyes and replaced it with love and happiness. We give him all the glory for that!

Zack and I are continuing to learn the joys and challenges of being parents. I am still struggling with fatigue, mostly due to Lupus, I feel sure. We rely on God for strength for each day, and he is faithful. The love he has placed in our hearts for Caleb grows with each day- we are so blessed.

Well, that is all for now- this is one tired momma :) More to come next week, including Caleb's first haircut :) Should be fun :)

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Steve and Anna said...

Thanks for your sweet comment today! I love these pics of Caleb! He is so handsome and there is a light in his eyes. It makes me so happy that God designed for him to be a Caldwell and that you are his momma! He is blessed and I know you are too! I will be praying for you with your fatigue...that is so hard, especially with lupus. Love to you friend!