Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The homestudy is complete!!!

Our homestudy is complete! Well, sort of :) Our visits are complete, we are just waiting for the homestudy to be written and approved. Our social worker has been so great, we are so thankful for her! We have learned so much through the homestudy process; it has truly been an eye opening experience for us, and God has taught us so much! Thank you for all your prayers.
Next Step: Wait for the homestudy to be approved, send it to USCIS (this is the final piece of documentation they need!), then they will send us the final form for our dossier!! who hoo!!!


Steve & Anna said...

Yeah! That is so exciting that you have completed this step of the process! It is fun because we are in the exact same spot as you both - our home study report is being written this week - it will be great to pray for you as we go along this journey!

Tisha said...

Congratulations!! :)