Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Financial Side of Adoption

Many of our friends and family have asked us about the financial aspect of adoption. Usually they ask how much the adoption will cost, and then their very next question is, why so much? Our adoption will cost approximately $20,000. This is a large amount of money, but when you think that a life will be forever changed, it kind of puts the cost in perspective...after all, 20,000 is the average price of a car these days. Anyway, here is a breakdown of the costs:

America World Application Fee: $250.00

America World Ethiopia Program Fee (fees for all that America World does on our behalf, trust us, they do a lot!): $4100.00

USCIS Fee (this is a government fee for citizenship forms and fingerprinting): $830.00

Dossier Authentication (making sure that all our forms are ready to go to Ethiopia): $400.00

Home Study Fee: $2450.00

Post Placement Fee (this fee is fully refundable as long as we submit a post-placement report in a timely fashion): $1000.00

Dossier Translation (translating document into acceptable format for Ethiopia) $600.00

Ethiopian VISAS for two adults: $60.00

Child's VISA: $380.00

Round Trip Airfare for two adults: $2400-$3600

Airfare for child (one-way): $700.00

In-Country Package (this includes our housing accommodations, meals, translators/guides, in-country transportation, gratuity to all staff): $1775.00

International Program Fees (this includes an orphanage donation, our child's medical care, and a development project fee) $3450.00

Giving a child a forever home: PRICELESS ( I just had to throw that in there!)

So, that is the breakdown of where all that money goes! We know that God will be faithful in providing the finances for our adoption. Several family and friends have asked about having a fundraiser, and we are planning to do that in the next few months. Also, once our homestudy is approved, we will be eligible for America World's Eternal Family Fund, a fund where friends and family can make tax deductible donations to help with the cost of our adoption. We will also be applying for grants once our homestudy is approved. Thanks for all your prayers...keep them coming!

I will sing of the Lord's great love forever; with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations
Psalm 89:1

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Karen said...

Hey Rebecca,

Why is your in-country package less than the website? Just curious. I got our paperwork and it says the in-country package is closer to 2600+. Just want to make sure I'm reading my docs right! :)