Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Waiting on the Lord....for fingerprint appointments!

Do you ever have trouble waiting for the Lord? We do! Sometimes God has to remind us to wait on him. Recently, we have been waiting to hear from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services about appointments for us to be fingerprinted for our adoption. Becoming impatient, we decided to go ahead and schedule the appointments ourselves, through their online service. We were hoping to schedule them for the same day as our first home study visit, which is next Wednesday, as both were to take place in Louisville, and it would save an extra trip. Unfortunately, the date our home study was scheduled was unavailable, so we had to make plans to travel to Louisville on a separate day.

That same afternoon Rebecca checked the mail as she returned home from work. Two envelopes from U.S.C.I.S. were among the pieces of mail that day. One was addressed to her, the other to me. As she opened them, she realized that they were notices for our fingerprinting appointments….the ones we had been too impatient to wait for! Not only this, but the date they were scheduled for was the exact date of our home study visit! We immediately canceled the appointments we had made ourselves.

God is so willing to provide all we need, if we will only take the time to wait on Him. God spoke to us through this experience. It was as if He said to us, "I have everything about this adoption in my hands. Just wait on me, and while you are waiting, find peace in my strength, and let my love quiet all your worries and anxieties".

Isn't God amazing!

So, keep us in your prayers next Wednesday, September 19! It will be a big day for us!

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Carpenters said...

God is so good! It's so good to hear that your paper chase is going well. We'll be praying that the 19th goes smoothly.