Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's Official...We've requested a boy!!

Today at work I received a call from our social worker. During our conversation she explained to me that referrals are coming a bit quicker for boys than girls, and that if we kept our original request as either sex we would most likely receive a boy. So, we have decided to go ahead and request a boy.... we are going to have a son!!! It is kind of a relief to know the sex. Now we can go ahead and do more planning, shopping, you know, all that fun stuff....and, we have to come up with a name now!!! We had only settled firmly on a girl's name, not a boy's.

Thanks for all your prayers, and keep them coming for our son :)


Carpenters said...

We'll definitely be praying for your little boy! I can't wait to hear the name that you choose for him. We're still working on two names. I think we have two that we like, but we still need to discuss. It's great to know. Now you won't be able to resist all the cute baby boy clothes! Have fun shopping.

With love,

Andrea said...

That is such great news! So fun knowing you will have a little boy......and that your wait won't be too long. Are you going to start shopping for blue or doing a boy nursery? Too much fun!!