Sunday, June 23, 2013

Yesterday in Nanning we visited the clinic where all adopted children must undergo a "medical exam" as part of the adoption process. The clinic was very nice and new, and the staff were all very kind. The exam for Emmie consisted of four parts- a general exam where they look at the information contained in her medical referral and then examine her based on this info, an ear, nose and throat examination, a height, weight, and head circumference measurement, and finally blood work (this was the worst as they do not allow parents to go back for this). Emmie did amazingly great through it all, especially considering the fact that the clinic was very full of children and parents. She willingly went into each exam room and fully participated with each doctor and nurse. Of course she came out crying after the blood work, but she did allow us to console her and wanted to show us her "boo boo".  The doctor that reviewed her medical referral said that Emmie's current state is much better than described in her medical referral. Of course we already knew this, but it was good to hear from a doctor. For whatever reason, Emmie's medical referral stated that there was issues with her arms and hips, none of which exist. There are pictures of Emmie in the lobby of the clinic with her new friends that are part of our travel group.
We later went to a very nice grocery store to stock up on some basic supplies like water, snacks, and diapers. The grocery store was in a large mall with expensive brand name clothing, purses, make up, and electronics. We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring our hotel, which is huge! There are about six or seven restaurants in the hotel, a Starbucks, a spa, a hair/nail salon, multiple clothing and jewelry stores, an outdoor pool on the fourth floor that overlooks the city, an indoor and outdoor childrens play area, and many more amenities. We are on the 15th floor if that tells you anything. The rooms are beautiful. I have attached some pictures so you can get an idea. It is probably the most beautiful hotel I have ever stayed in.
Yesterday evening we shared a group meal in our hotel at a Japanese restaurant. It was very good and Emmie was very patient as we waited for our food. We were the last family to be served and she kept handing me her bowl and spoon asking for food :) Once our food did arrive she tried almost everything I put in her bowl. She is a very good eater. I included pictures of this adventure as well :)
Overall, Emmie is doing great. We know we still have a ways to go, as she still does not want us to hold her very often, or to sit in our lap. She does allow us to hold her hand from time to time, and she is running to us instead of strangers. Overall, she is a very independent little girl. She is very obedient to Zack and I, and very well behaved in public places like restaurants. She has lots of energy and skips and runs through the hotel joyfully. We have noticed that because of her limb difference she trips and falls more often that most children her age, but she doesn't let that slow her down or stop her from doing anything she wants to do!
More from Guangzhou tomorrow!!


Bettina said...

I consider this all as good news since your daughter is in a better medical shape and she seems to do a lot better with you all. I can't wait to meet little Emmie some day. Love from Kentucky

Fannie said...

You guys staying at Shifu? If so, I'd love to hear what you think of it!! I'm about to make reservations for our trip in a few days! Sounds like Emmie is doing a little better. Is she? Praying for you guys and her!!

Debbie Gilbert said...

So good is our great God! She is absolutely beautiful and I just bet her personality is going to be like her paps. You won't be able to stand the two of them And that's meant in such a good way! I know her brothers must be anxious and I am sure Linda has done some extra special preparation for her arrival. Prayers continue for a great week of bonding!