Saturday, June 22, 2013

 We have made it to Guangzhou! We arrived at our hotel (which is amazing...more on it during the next post) about ten last night. This is the last place we will visit in China. Here is where we will have Emmie's medical appointment and Consulate appointment.
Emmie continued to improve each day we were in Nanning, with a minor setback Thursday morning- Zack and I both had to take some time in the bathroom and cry with each other. It was a very hard morning, as it seemed as though she had reverted back to how she felt and reacted when she first met us. However, we were able to speak with her former orphanage director, and she gave us some great advice and insight. We decided to push on and be caring, but also show Emmie that we must continue to live our lives. So we went for a walk in the park anyway, and it went okay. That afternoon, she began to allow us to interact with her again, and we ended up having a great day. We of course were worried about how Friday would go, as we would be going to the airport, which meant immersing ourselves in Chinese people. Up to this point, this is what had sent Emmie into meltdowns- we think it is because with each interaction with a Chinese person she is reminded of her old life, and we totally understand this. All we could do is pray, pray, pray!
Friday morning started out MUCH better. We went to breakfast in the hotel restaurant (only the second time during our entire stay in Nanning) and she did fine. We went to the park again, and she also did fine. We were hopeful! When it came time to go to the airport, she did great! She seemed even excited! When she saw our guide (which had previously made her cry and run to our guide), it was like she was saying, "no big deal"! She was happy all the way to the airport, did fine in the airport, and made it through a long wait to board amidst a lot of confusion and crowdedness. She let us know she was very excited to get on the plane with mama and baba. Once we were finally boarding the plane, she was so excited she could barely contain herself!! She loved the entire plane ride, sqealing and smiling during takeoff and landing. Our hotel was about a 30 minute bus ride from the airport, and Emmie was taking in all the sites of this huge and beautiful city.
Once in our room we took a quick bath in the amazing bathtub, then Emmie was ready for bed. She fell asleep quickly and slept very well in her new environment.
When we look back at today, all we can say is that God has heard and answered the prayers of his people. We know that so many of you have been praying, and we can not truly express our gratitude for your prayers. Emmie was in such a very touch place earlier this week, and though we still know there will be many things for us all to work through in the coming days, she has made tremendous strides. Praise be to God for his glorious goodness and love for us all!
Attached are a few pictures of our hotel in Nanning and a funny sign by the buffet (there are lots of funny signs here :), Emmie eating pizza, one of her favorites, and Emmie at the airport in Nanning.
Home with our sons, Caleb Samuel (12/08), and Noah Nigus (11/10), from Ethiopia
Adoption is a GOoD thing :)


Debbie Gilbert said...

My Dearest Rebecca, I could not even see your face in the picture where you and Emmie were boarding the plan but I saw the frailness of your body and prayed Phil. 4:13 and Psalm 3:5. And isn't it amazing to have a mate who will stand in the bathroom and cry and pray with you. Blessings to the three of you as you travel on toward home. My prayer is for special bonding moments during this time as Emmie begins to see the picture of God's great love through your actions as a married couple and your actions of grace and mercy toward her responses to so many unknown feelings and events. Love always!

Bettina said...

I am so glad you had some better moments with your daughter Emmie and I am sure God will work it all out for you. Emmie will be learning quick like Noah did. But for now she must be so confused that she probably sometimes don't know for herself how she should react. But it will be all good at the end. Once here in America she will meet her brothers and they will be a big help to her. I keep praying for you guys and hope to see you soon. Love and hugs

Fannie said...

Praying for you guys and Emmie!! I know we all try to prepare ourselves for all situations, but it must be so much harder living it. Still, I think every smile, every little happy moment becomes that much better when it starts out like yours did. Praying little Emmie continues to learn to trust in her mama and baba!! God is good!! I know he works all things for good. :)