Thursday, May 9, 2013

One Week Left!!

We have one week left to get our TA (travel approval) in order to travel May 30!!! We are feeling the ''crunch", but also trusting in God's timing, as we know He is in control! All we have to do is think back to our prior two adoptions to see God's faithfulness to our family throughout. The difficult thing about waiting for TA is that there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the timing. Some families have received their TA's in a week, and others have been waiting almost three weeks. This does make us anxious, but our agency has projected our TA to arrive around May 14, which would mean we would be able to travel on May 30th.

We would so appreciate your prayers for our family, and that our TA would indeed come in the next week. As I have stated in previous posts, we would be so thrilled to have the majority of the summer to be with Emmie, and if we leave May 30, we will return June 12, which would allow us to have the summer with her! The other alternative, leaving June 12, would mean that we would  be home at the end of June, only having July to be with Emmie (before I would have to return to work). We know from our previous experiences that the more time we can be home full time with a newly adopted child, the easier the adjustment/transition process is for all involved.

Yesterday evening we received a wonderful email updating us on Emmie! The following pictures were included:

The email also said that Emmie was beginning to show signs of being a leader, that she loves to dance, and that she has been learning to recognize colors! We long for the time when we will be able to experience these updates in person, and not just through email. Hope to be posting good news soon!!

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