Thursday, April 18, 2013

Travel Prayers Needed!

Time for an update on how the travel process is coming along.....A big miracle happened  two weeks ago in that we received immigration approval in one week, instead of the three to five weeks which we had been told to expect! This was huge for our travel timeline because instead of traveling mid June to late June, it opened up the possibility for us to travel as early as the end of May!!! However, in order for this to happen, the following processes need to happen, and this is what we would ask you all to specifically pray for:

-That a document called the Article 5 would be picked up on time. This document is scheduled to be picked up on April 30. After this document is picked up, the wait for our travel approval (TA) will begin.

-That our TA (travel approval) would come 2 weeks (or earlier, of course :) after our Article 5 is picked up.

-Finally, that there would be appointments available at the consulate in China. Even if the first two steps happen, if there are no appointments available, our travel could be delayed :(

If the above three things happen, we should be traveling at the end of May!!!!

Here is the kicker- if we don't get to travel May 30th or before, we will have to wait until mid June, as some of the offices in China will be closed the first week in June, therefore disallowing travel.

So, it is kind of an all or nothing situation, and we are desperately asking for your prayers! Getting to travel in May means getting home with Emmie in early June and having the majority of the summer to be with her each day. Traveling in June means only having basically July to be with her, as we would arrive home towards the end of July.

In other adoption news .....This past weekend we were honored to be given a shower for Emmie by some wonderful friends at church. Emmie received so many beautiful gifts and will be well dressed for quite some time! We are so thankful for the love and support shown to us! Here are a few pictures from the shower- the tables were decorated with scripture about adoption, pictures of Emmie, fortune cookies, and cherry blossom petals.

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Carpenters said...

That's great news! We'll be praying all the paperwork and approval come as quickly as possible, so you can have Emmie in your arms soon.