Sunday, June 14, 2009

Missing in Action No More!

Almost two weeks with no blog post! We are missing in action no longer! Besides the normal business of life, our computer has not been cooperating, so those factors have led to the blog being neglected.
During the past two weeks we had two pretty big events take place- Caleb's 18 month check up and our 6 month post placement visit....yes, 6 months- wow! His checkup went great- healthy as a horse and right on track developmentally. We are very thankful. Someone has been growing as well- Caleb has grown 5 inches since he has been home! We knew those legs looked long :) Our post placement visit also went well. Our social worker offered some great advice and suggested some books to continue to help us move in the right direction with attachment. Because Caleb has such a happy and joyous spirit, is right in the middle of being a toddler, is cutting his 2 year molars and still getting used to his new home, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between what is normal 18 month old behavior and what is related to adoption/attachment. We are looking forward to reading the book she suggested, "Toddler Adoption: The Weaver's Craft".
Here is a look at the last two weeks....Enjoy! We sure have :) Have you ever seen anyone look cuter in a cap?
Swimming take #2.....much more successful, as you can see :) He loves the water and is quite a daredevil for an 18 month old.....

Transporting his new pool....He likes it :) Thanks Granna and Papaw!
On the mower with grandma....
Driving the boat with pap....

One cool's bling and all :)

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