Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Caleb is 18 Months!!!

I think this picture sums up Caleb- HAPPY! He just learned to say "happy" yesterday-
how fitting :)

He LOVES Mr. Lion!

Teeth are coming in all over the place!

Can Caleb really be 18 months old today!??!!! It seems like only yesterday we were staring at the computer screen, meeting our son for the very first time, a very tiny 7 month old baby! (next month will be the one year anniversary of that!!!) Wow. He seems so big now and he is becoming so "grown up" with each day, it seems. I said to Zack yesterday, "He is not a baby anymore". I have mixed emotions about that :) I am so pround and grateful for all the milestones, but also a tad bit sad at how fast they are all coming and going. I am realizing that what everyone has told me must be true- before I know it, he will be graduating. Okay, I have to go cry now :)

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