Monday, June 22, 2009

Caleb's Baby Dedication & Father's Day....

Always the joker.....

Life father, like son....waiting for lunch :)

Baby Dedication

So I really wanted to add a video of Caleb's baby dedication, and finally after two days it uploaded- it's not that long, I promise! But, you will have to follow this link to see it:
In the video, you will see that Caleb wasn't too interested in being dedicated at the time :) After we watched the video we realized he didn't behave as badly as we thought he did at the time, but, hey, when you are standing in front of the whole church, everything seems more intense, right? :) Anyway, we really appreciate what our pastor said, even though at the time we really weren't able to pay that close of attention or able to take the parent vows- we were a little distracted :)
Father's Day was great- I am blessed to have a wonderful dad (I got teary eyed just picking out his card- I love my dad, bigtime), Zack is a wondeful father, and an amazing husband. I love watching him with Caleb. Thank you Lord, for strong fathers, and most all of you for the love you show us as our Heavenly Father.

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