Monday, November 3, 2008


Tomorrow we have the amazing privilege to vote for the President of the United States, among other positions. I hope we all will take advantage of this opportunity. I also pray that we would search not only our hearts, but the heart of God as we decide whom to vote for. I have not passed along many emails or other info that I have received this election season, but when I saw this video it seemed to sum up much of what all those other emails had to say. Just click on the link to view the video. It was produced by the Catholic church, and they have done a wonderful job in sharing an important message with all Christians and the world. May God lead and guide our nation as we seek to honor Him with our choices.


Kiki:) said...

yayyyyy!!! Vote morals USA!!!
I'm so proud of your family...this has been a very difficult month!!
We found the *lost* package for Mr. Happy & its on its way FINALLY:)))
I hope you know we are praying for you!!!
lots of love,

E said...

This was a wonderful video, but I resent whoever edited it to make it into what is seen on your blog. They took the original, Catholic-produced (Grassroots Films - which can be found at version and removed the word "Catholic" substituting it with the word "Christian." Notice many of the images are Catholic?

Whoever "re-did" this one decided the video was valuable (and said everything they wanted to say)...but not good enough if the words were "Catholic" instead of "Christian." The message is a powerful one for ALL believers and the edit is unacceptable.

I became Catholic after many years as an Evangelical. So I understand the different theologies at play. I have a minor in Biblical Studies from a big Evangelical university and am not completely ignorant of the different beliefs found in Catholicism from those accepted by *most* Protestants/Evangelicals. However, this video doesn't hold any "controversial" theological issues for any Christians. Well...actually...there are images of the pope & bishops. Apparently, the guys who did the edits were willing to overlook those bits that would be a turnoff to "real" Christians...even though they couldn't overlook the word "Catholic." Clearly, I find it insulting that the person stole the video and removed "Catholic" from it.

I know you didn't remake the video...I was just a bit galled to view it & see what had been changed. I also don't think this version should be posted anywhere, as it is essentially a stolen piece of work. I work in the arts and this is just beyond the pale. In addition to being quite insulting and very representative of the typical Protestant belief that Catholicism does not equate to Christianity. Whoever re-did this video needs a history lesson. They also need a lesson in ethics - stealing someone else's work and editing out "Catholic" is far from the Christian thing to do.

I will be sorry if my passion seems offensive to anyone (as that is not my intention); however, what was done to this video offends many of the things I value as right & not stealing someone else's hard work...and not assuming Catholics are not Christians. I just don't think it's right to let it slide.

Kiki:) said...

Just wanted to share this...I asked our pastor's wife for the link for the video posted here. For the person that was so offended, I hope this helps!!:)
This is what the site was a video to SHARE legally!! Both the Catholic & several edited versions were available to share @ churches. There was no stealing!!

Vote Values on November 4th!
We encourage you to share this video with your friends or download the high quality version to be shown at your local Church or TV station. This is a non-partisan video and can legally be shown in any Church.