Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One Week and Counting.....

So, today marks one week until our court date....wow! I have been a bundle of nerves and excitement this week, and probably will continue to be until we hear something next Tuesday!! I have asked the Lord over and again for his provision on Tuesday not only for us, but for the other ten (I believe this is the right number) families as well. What a sweet and precious Christmas we will have with our blessed children home for Christmas with us...please Lord, may it be so!

I have also faced the tremendous fear that I have of not passing court. I have confessed it to the Lord, and asked him to take it from me. I have asked him to strengthen my faith so that my only hope may be in him- nothing else. That is such a challenge for me, I admit it! It is a challenge to balance the overwhelming love you have for your child and the yearning you have for him to be with you with the knowledge that God is in control. Slowly, but surely, God is teaching me!

In terms of our paperwork issue (totally seperate from passing court), I have still not heard back from the USCIS caseworker who had emailed me, but I did get a call from Senator McConnell's office yesterday. They asked me some more details about our specific situation, and they said, "We'll see if we can't get this paperwork expited for you." Yipppee!! They actually will be speaking to the "big dogs" at USCIS, so all I can say is, keep praying!

There is a song by Addison Road that I just love. It is called "Hope Now". The words of this song describe exactly how we are feeling right now!! Hope you enjoy it....


Rob and Heather said...

I have felt the same way! God just used your blog to drive it home for me! I just read Mark 9:23 and as I'm typing Miracle of the Moment is on by Steven Curtis Chapman! I have HOPE that in a week we will be posting pictures of our little ones!!
Love you,

Steve and Anna said...

Thanks for your post Rebecca! I have the same things going on in my heart and it is good to read your articulate way of sharing what God is doing! Praying with hope and faith!

Kiki:) said...

We pray that you have deep peace & hope this week that Mr. Happy will come home soon!! The wait is incredibly challenging & the heartbreak of NOT passing automatically looms close to the heart. You know we did not pass the 1st time, but the Joy & Strength God poured over our family was miraculous. Remember, God won't allow sweet boy to stay in ET a second longer than He has already planned.
We are praying for mighty miracles on Wed!!!
love you lots,

Kelly said...

I am SOOOOO praying for you and all the YG families!!!!