Saturday, November 8, 2008

Celebrate Adoption!

Today we had the second annual Celebrate Adoption! This event offers those interested in adoption the chance to meet with international, domestic and foster care agencies and other adoption related groups, as well as the opportunity to speak with adoptive parents about the process of adoption.

Okay, so I have to tell you how all this kind of got started. Last October I was sitting at my desk at work, and a lady I have never met walked in and asked what we had available in November. Well, we didn't have any space available. She asked if we knew of anywhere else where they could hold an adoption fair.....I looked up in amazement....what? Well, around this time Zack and I, along with my parents had really been trying to get something going at our church in terms of an adoption ministry, but just hadn't been able to get anything going. So, when I heard that this lady, who I had never met, was interested in holding an adoption fair, I got excited :) We talked, a few days later Zack and I had dinner with Sherri and Mike and met their beautiful family, and the rest is history :) We held the first adoption fair a month later, and now Mike & Sherri have established JMS Ministries- a Christ Centered Adoption Ministry. They are an amazing family, and God is doing amazing things through them!!

This year's Celebrate Adoption was extra special to me because my parents were awarded the "Adoption Advocate of the Year" award. I was able to record a short video for them and in it I spoke of the blessing they have been in my life, as well as the way in which they have relentlessly advocated for adoption. They had no idea about the video or the award, so it was a great surprise!! Congrats mom and deserve it!!!

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Very cool!! What a ministry!!

Shala said...

So, do you still get to travel November 15-22? Praying for you!