Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Court Update- Please Keep Praying!

We did receive some news today from our agency. Here is what they told us:

We are hoping to get court dates for your group by the end of this week, but so far the courts have not released the court papers assigning a court date for your case as of yet. We will pass it on the minute I hear. If not this week then it should definitely be next week. At this point it does look unlikely that both court dates will happen before the closure, but again, it is all just new and we will see. If your first court date is before the closure and you pass, if you don't have a date for your second appointment before the closure you will surely be one of the very first when they reopen.

Please keep praying and interceding on our behalf, and most importantly on Noah's behalf! We know that God can make this happen is this is what is best for our family. Thank you for all the prayers!


natali said...

praying for sweet Noah and you guys!! :)

natali said...

and that He will move mountains :)