Friday, February 13, 2009

First Visit....Happy Valentine's!

This past weekend Caleb made his first trip to visit his Papaw & Granna Caldwell. I will admit, I was a little worried that it was too early for him to stay in a new place overnight as he has only been home about a month a half, but he did so great! The trip from London to Ashland is around 3 hours, and he was a joy in the car until the very end, when he was just tired of being in his carseat. When we arrived in Ashland, he was able to meet some very special ladies that work with my mother in law, Punky. Boy did he really show off for them....he did most all his tricks :) Then it was on to meet his great grandparents. They were very happy to meet him, and Caleb again was very cute and well behaved at their home. To end the night we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant with papaw and granna. Caleb enjoyed looking at all the people, had his first taste of refried beans, and given that it was past his bedtime and he had been through quite a day, he did great!

I was most nervous about easily he would go to bed at a new place- it might seem silly, but think about it- even we adults don't always sleep very good our first night at a new place. He had been doing so well at home, I was hoping that if we kept the same bedtime and same bedtime routine things would go smoothly for him. So, I took his blanket, Mr. Lion, and his favorite lullaby cd and a couple of his favorite books. After reading him his books, listening to his cd, and turning off the lights, he still seemed a little unsure- he was definitely aware he was somewhere new. I decided to just see what would happen, so I laid him down in the crib, gave him a little pat, and walked out of the room....not a peep! He went to sleep just like at home and didn't wake until the morning. We are blessed with a great baby!

The next morning we played at granna's house all morning, and later in the afternoon we went for a short trip to the mall. He loved spending time with his granna, and also got to meet granna's best friend Nancy. He loved Nancy! Daddy and papaw were gone most of the day car shopping, so they missed out :) It was finally time to go home, so we got him in his pj's, gave him his evening bottle, and he was set. He slept the entire trip home except for waking when we had to stop to get gas. His first trip to papaw and granna's was definitely a success!

This weekend is Valentine's Day, and I have been thinking a lot lately about what a blessing my valentine truly is. I actually won't be seeing him much this weekend at all, as he has to work tonight, Valentine's morning and evening, and Sunday morning and evening. Most of you know that Zack's last day as youth minister at our church was December 31, 2008. He now works as a pre-trial officer with the Kentucky Court of Justice. He loves his job, well except for the hours. He is gone half the evenings/nights every week, so that has been quite an adjustment along with having a new baby. I am so proud of him. Though he would rather be at home with his family, he never complains about having to leave- he is happy to do whatever he needs to do to provide for us. I have to admit, after Caleb goes to bed, I am alone for the next few hours, and I really start to miss him.

Last night he was off, so we watched the movie "Fireproof" together- he had seen it, I had not. What a great movie! Every couple should see it, regardless of how "good" you think your marriage is. I watched the movie and by the end was just overwhelmed with thankfulness at what a Godly man my husband is. God has transformed both of us through the years, and of course, we need lots more transforming, but I am just so blessed that God saw fit for this man to be my husband. I love him more and more each day, and seeing him grow daily as a father makes me love him all the more! I still look forward to going to sleep with him each night, and waking up with him each morning. Happy Valentine's Day Zack! And now I have another special Valentine as well :) Happy Valentine's Day Caleb!

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