Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Aren't You Glad We're All Adopted?

This is one of my favorite pictures of Caleb...not only because it is sooo cute, but because of what the onesie says (thanks to the White family for this gift).

God desires to adopt all of us into HIS family as HIS children! Is this not amazing??!! Ephesians 1:5 says God's unchanging plan has always been to adopt us into his family through Jesus Christ, and that this brings him great pleasure! Wow! We really are all adopted :)

I was thinking about adoption, and about how at the beginning of the process you must make several choices. For example, we had to choose domestic or international, then we had to choose an agency. Then it gets very specific. A boy or girl? One or two? (or three if you are really brave) What age? Will you accept special needs? There are many choices to be made. Those choices are one big difference between earthly adoption and spiritual adoption. Why we must make choices about the type of child that we would like to adopt, Christ died for all! He made no special requirements except to believe in Him! He desires for us all to be his children! What a wonderful truth!
I pray today that you have trusted in Christ as your Savior. It is wonderful to be adopted!


Susan said...

What a cool onesie!

Benaiah saw Caleb's photo and started just beaming and making happy noises! I'm sure that he recognizes him! WOW!

Love you! Susan

blessedmomto7 said...

Love that! Caleb is ADORABLE!

E said...

What a cute, little t-shirt. Not even close to as cute as cute, little Caleb though! I can't get over him...he's so sweet & nummy. ;)


Karen said...

i love this shirt! he's precious!

beBOLDjen said...

That is a cute shirt..... and a cute kid!