Thursday, January 22, 2009

Caleb's New Favorite Toy (not really :)

Well, we thought Caleb was on the mend...but this weekend he started developing a bit of a cough, and mommy and daddy were worried. He also wasn't eating quite like he normally does. So, we watched the cough get a little worse each day, and I called the doctor Wed. morning when his temperature reached well over 100 (yes, we should have taken him earlier....bad mommy!). When we got to the doctor, we found out he was once again a sick little boy. He has an ear infection (not a normal one either...something to do with a bubble :) and he also has bronchiolitis, most likely caused by RSV, which explains that nasty cough. He had to undergo a breathing treatment at the lasted for ten minutes, and for poor Caleb, it was ten minutes of you know what! He screamed the entire time :( They then informed mommy and grandma (Zack is out of town this week....missing all the fun :) that we would have to do the breathing treatments at home every 4-6 hours until his cough was gone completely. Oh no!

As you can see by these pics, he has done great doing the treatments at home, and he even held his mask by himself....he is such a big boy. We are very proud of how brave he has been for his 6 doctor visits (that's right, 6 in just a little over three weeks!) since he has been in America. He is some little guy! You would never have known, for the most part, that he wasn't feeling good. He is just the happiest baby.

Next week we will have been home for one month....that is so hard to believe. I am planning on typing a more "reflective" post at that point, but this is all for now!


kangaj1 said...

Rebecca, I SO recognize the mask. For a good week here I had BOTH kids on it. And I can sympathize with the number of Dr visits since we've been home...I lost count after 8 times in 3 weeks between the kids. We may be going again tomorrow...praying for you!

Roscoe and Julia Richardson said...

Thanks for the update - he really is a trooper! He looks very happy with mommy and daddy :)

Kari:) said...

Mr. Happy,
We're sorry you have been so sick :( Zoie has a bad cough, too...I think we better take Zoie to see her Dr. asap on Monday. You look so brave in your mask!!
Your buddy Zoie hopes you feel better soon!!!!! She remembers how fun you were to hang out with on the TH floor:)
xoxox said...

Poor guy! Glad he's on the mend!!