Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What we Know, and What we Don't Know....

Wow! I just realized it has been a while since I posted. We have been super, super busy with events at church, graduate class, updating our fingerprints with USCIS, and lots of other things!

Well, first of all, the courts in Ethiopia opened about a week early, which is great news! Tomorrow is the first round of court dates for some of our AWAA families, so please keep them in your prayers!

We did hear some news about travel at the end of last week. Unfortunately, we will not be traveling with the November 1st-8th travel group. We had thought for sure that we would most likely be traveling with this group based on the information that we had heard and observed, but it was not to be. Last weekend was a little tough in light of that new information, but I think we are over the disappointment now, and we are definitely looking forward to finding out when we will travel and who our travel buddies will be :) We are speculating that our travel dates could be November 8th-November 15th or November 15th-November 22nd....of course we are praying for the earlier dates :)

We have another conference call regarding travel coming up on Thursday, so we should know more then. We also received an update on Caleb last week....he seems to be doing great and is healthy, strong, and interacting with all his buddies in the transition home. Oh, and he is getting more hair! He may have a full head of hair when we meet him :)

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E said...

I really hope you guys get to go on the earlier dates & I'll pray to that end! I'm so happy to hear Caleb is doing well - with so many babies being ill or having other problems, there's no doubt about what a tremendous blessing this is!

Looking forward to updates as you know more. Oh, and I love your background! I always use google reader...so it's great to see the actual blogs once in awhile!