Sunday, October 19, 2008

Preparing for Caleb's Arrival...Baby Shower!!!

The cute and very yummy!
Our " charm" cake....

With my sister-in-law Micah, and Frances and Jessica, my great friends The grandparents (minus my dad...he was a little late:)
Pulling the charm out of our charm cake.

This was a very special moment and we did this just with our family.

The charm....
A little of the chaos after the shower :)
The awesome red wagon Caleb got isn't in here....but it is sooo cool!!!
Caleb, you have a new pal waiting for you!

Today we had Caleb's baby shower! What a wonderful and special day. The shower began with a very special time of blessings. Blessing were read from the Bible by friends and family. The blessings were for Caleb and us. It was such a precious experience as we heard promises from God's word for our family. Next we all enjoyed very yummy food and cake, and finally we opened lots and lots of gifts!! Thank to everyone for their generosity! We are blessed! A very special thank you to my mom and mother-in-law (or as she says, mother-in-love, which I think is very sweet :) They worked so hard, and I had a great time with them this weekend. Caleb is going to have a couple of great grandma's!


Janet Whipple said...

So fun!!! I've never heard of a charm cake...that's a really cool idea :)

americorpsrachel said...

So sad we missed it! couldn't get down there! i love the photos makes me feel like i was there!!! what exactly is the thing you are holding in the one picture? looks like a large card! Hope all is well, praying for you all
love your cousin

Beth said...

Looks like you had a great shower! So sorry and sad I couldn't make it down. Hope you got everything you needed. Your gift will be in the mail shortly.

Our Journey to Adoption said...

You had asked about our Make A Difference T's on our blog and we are ready to get them in the mail if you would like to order one. Just email me at if you are interested still.
Happy soon-to-be-traveling!! How exciting- Emily Bowers

kristin said...

So cute... I am so excited for you guys! said...

Oh, how special!!! Praying that God uses the support from your family/friends (like your shower) to plant Caleb even deeper and deeper into your heart!!!

Around the World said...

I just found your blog and see that you are in KY? so are we!!! I"m going to read and catch up on your adoption....check out our blog too - it's great to find other KY families that are adopting from Ethiopia.