Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fun in Guangzhou part 2 :)

Later in the afternoon we went with our group to a wholesale jewelry market. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before- floors and floors of jewelry booths- every kind of jewel and gem and stone you could imagine had to be under that roof! We didn't buy anything- just window shopped.

After the market we made a stop at Shaman Island. This is a beautiful area of Guangzhou that is usually not very crowded and has beautiful architecture. It also is a beautiful spot to take pictures and we saw many brides being photographed during our visit yesterday.  Eden seemed to really enjoy herself here, even interacting with the other children in our group and running and skipping. It was good to just see her be a kid and carefree even for just a few minutes. 

When we got back to the hotel, Eden was more than happy to take a bath while we waited on our food the guide ordered for us.....Papa Johns Pizza! I can't even tell you how excited I was to eat that pizza!! It wasn't exactly like home, but it was a wonderful treat and we had no leftovers ;)

Eden was so content during bath and bedtime- no tears, happy to look at books with us. It was a true blessing and a hallelujah moment! She was a little restless while trying to go to sleep and it took some time, but she eventually she went to sleep with no crying- unfortunately she rolled off the bed in the middle of the night and that was quite traumatic for her, but she was consoled and slept the rest of the night. Her restlessness remind me of when Emmie first came to us. She was very restless also and especially once home, it took several weeks for her to sleep through the night.

I was more concerned about Zack resting well last night, as his cough has not improved and even with the antibiotic he isn't feeling much better. Thankfully he slept well too :) 

We had to be up early this morning for our Consulate Appointment. We left the hotel at 7:30 to make sure we weren't late for our 8:30appointment. Sadly that meant no big breakfast....haha.

The Consulate is in a new location since our last trip- the building was very crowded and there was a line all the way around it. It was pretty chaotic getting to the right line, but our guide led us all the way and we ended up in the right room. I would have loved to have taken some pictures, but they don't allow pictures near the Consulate (we did take some pictures before however in our lobby :)

Once inside we were there for about an hour or a little more. Eden did great and even played with some other children in our group for a few minutes. We are so proud of her- she is being very brave :)

I believe that the consulate appointment is the last of our "official" appointments. Everything went well and we are now good to go! I wish that meant we could go home now, but we do have to wait for Eden's visa before we can leave the country, which is why we aren't leaving until Friday morning. While we are here we still plan to visit the local zoo, go on a river cruise, and maybe visit the park once more- hopefully that will keep us occupied :)

This afternoon was very hot once again. We tried the pool but Eden accidentally swallowed some water and after that she was done with the pool! Some of the families in our group went with our guide to a new park this afternoon. Though very hot, I am glad we went. It was very beautiful and it was good to get out of the hotel.  

We plan to spend the rest of our afternoon just hanging around the room and maybe trying the local noodle restaurant for dinner. Just taking it easy and spending time with Eden.

Before I go, I want to take time to thank four very, very special people- my parents and Zack's parents. They have taken amazing care of Noah, Caleb, and Emmie while we have been away. It is wonderful to not have to worry about them, along with everything else we are experiencing and feeling here:) of course we miss them like crazy, but we know they are being loved by wonderful grandparents....and for that we are so grateful. We love you Bobbi and Pap and Nanna and Papaw :) 

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