Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy Birthday to Emmie!

Recently, the awesome children's home where Emmie is currently living posted a picture of her celebrating her third I can share that on my blog, too :) They have also updated her bio info and posted a new cute picture...check out the link below!

We have received Pre-Approval to adopt Emmie, and are currently waiting for our final approval. After we receive this, we will then wait for our travel approval, and finally will travel to bring Emmie home. From the average time frames given to us by our adoption agency, by my calculations the soonest we would be able to travel to China would be the end of April. The more realistic timeframe seems to be mid May for travel. That seems soooo far away to all of us! But, at the same time, we are blessed to have been able to have received many photographs of Emmie to help us through the wait. We also are continuing to work on her room. My mom and I recently found a bed to refurbish- I know my mom will work her wonders :)

I have her closet organized, too. It is amazing how much cute girl stuff there is out there! I just can't wait to see her in it all.

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Karen said...

wonderful news, rebecca! so happy for you guys!!