Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hiding God's Word....And Matching News!

For some time now God has been impressing upon my heart the importance of guiding my children to put God's Word in their hearts. More than anything else that I could hope for their lives,  I pray that they will seek and know God's truth, and that this truth will guide them throughout their lives. God has helped me to see that if this is truly my prayer, then I must act! In the world we live in, children are exposed to and drawn to many so called "truths" that I feel parents must take a proactive role in making sure their children are exposed to the real Truth- Jesus Christ!

Though we try to read the Bible or a devotion each night with the boys, we have not consistently focused on scripture memorization. It has been on my radar for several months, but the hecticness of life seemed to always take over whenever I tried to find a system or program that we could use. I was browsing the internet today, and found this easy idea to start the process of helping children hide God's word in their hearts! I am so excited!! Check out this link for a simple idea for scripture memorization:

In a world that seeks to find "truth" in so many other places, I can't think of a more urgent and life altering lesson to impart to my children than the one truth- the Word of God. May he give us wisdom as we strive to seek Him.

In adoption news, we have been called twice to review files of children! This process has been more stressful and difficult than we could have imagined, but God has been faithful to give us wisdom and guidance. We did not accept the first referral we were called about due to several circumstances- there was some discrepancies in the file regarding the child's medical needs that we did not feel comfortable with, and the timing of the referral was just not right- when families are matched from the shared system, a decision as to accept or reject the referral must be made in 72 hours (per China laws)! In this time frame, the family must secure a doctor to review the file, send any questions from the family and doctor to China, receive the answers back, and then make a decision. We were called early Friday morning, which meant trying to get a doctor to review a file on the weekend was very difficult (our deadline for making a decision was Sunday at 2pm!). This was no easy feat, and along with some other circumstances, we felt as though God was not leading us to accept this referral.  It was difficult to say "no" to a life. It caused feelings which were difficult to process, but we knew we made the right decision with this particular child.

Yesterday we got another call. We are currently still reviewing this file and praying about God's leading. It is not a shared referral, so we have more time (about two weeks) to make a decision. Please pray with us as there are several different factors to consider. We desperately desire God's leading!!

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Carpenters said...

Congratulations on the referral! I pray that God continues to give you guidance, direction, and peace.