Monday, October 3, 2011

Does This Blog Still Work?

Wow....does this blog still work? Almost two months with no news posts!!????

Well, truth is it works just fine, but this blogger has also been working full time, and that has proven to leave little time for blogging!

The last two months have been a whirlwind, to say the least, and things finally feel like they might be falling into place....maybe! How do all you working moms do this??!!

First- the boys love, love, love school, which is a huge blessing! They have made new friends, are learning tons, and are happy to go to school, most mornings, which makes mommy happy, because I don't think I could leave them if they were crying! Noah actually read me a book tonight- that's right, the child that has only been speaking English for 9 months read me a story- it is amazing! And Caleb uses such big words now- tonight at dinner he asked me about pyramids! Amazing children!

Second- my job is going pretty well. I am catching on pretty fast, and learning each day how to manage my home, family, and career....and church, and homework, and preschool choir, and soccer...okay, I am stopping there! I still really miss being at home, but for now I am doing my best to bloom where I am planted. Zack has been a huge encouragement to me during this time....he helped me hang in there through the toughest times!

Third- the boys are playing soccer and they love it and so do we! Noah scored his first goal a few games okay and it was really exciting!

Fourth- we are moving....again! Staying in London but moving to a home that we are so excited about! It is a foreclosure (you know we could never buy a "normal house") and I consider it to be such a blessing because it has everything we could ever need and has room to case we do that! There will be more pictures to come in the near future!

That's a pretty quick update, but I fear that any future blog posts may resemble this one until I can carve out some more time for blogging.....unfortunately it has fallen down pretty low on the priority list!

One final thought- God's mercies have flowed bountifully to our family over the last couple months, and I just want to praise Him for that!! We could not have made this transition without Him!

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KLT said...

Pictures of your boys always make me smile! Praising with you...