Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Graduate....

This past week we celebrated with Noah as he graduated from preschool. Graduating from preschool is a huge milestone for all children, but we were especially proud of Noah, as he has only been in our country for 6 months, and began preschool after only being home for one month. I remember worrying if it was the right decision for Noah to begin preschool, and I still remember the look on his face when I left took him for his first day of preschool- I think I called about every thirty minutes that day to check on him. After a few days, we knew he was going to be fine, and after just a couple weeks he was thriving, learning so much and making so many new friends. It was a decision that was covered in much prayer, contemplation, and faith, and watching Noah walk into the gym and accept his diploma with a beaming smile was total affirmation that preschool had been the right decision for Noah. Thank you God!

While we plan to continue to work on learning sight words, counting to 100, and writing the alphabet, it is now time to enjoy summer break and all the fun that hot summer days and cool summer evenings (hopefully) entail. And yes, Noah is already talking about Kindergarten, and Caleb is already talking about preschool. Not so fast boys, not so fast :)

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Bettina said...

Noah is picking up so quick! I wished I would be his age (wink). I'm so happy for you guys that everything is going well. Congratulations Noah! You are a very smart kid!